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It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Thursday, July 06, 2006Yeah, yeah, I know that's supposed to be Christmas. Except, you know, it's cold at Christmas. And -- at least around Boston -- you have to deal with crazy drivers who become even crazier as the holiday approaches, as though they were taking their true feelings about their families out on the road. Or so I imagine.

No, no, the best -- and busiest -- time of the year is right now, at the beginning of July, when the two best sf/fantasy/horror conventions EVER make their annual appearances.

I'm talking Readercon, which happens this weekend, which is a literary science fiction con with very little media involved, although there will be a Battlestar Galactica panel this year, with me as one of the panelists. I'm also involved (as usual) in the Kirk Poland Memorial Bad Prose Competition, which -- well, if you haven't sat through a night of Kirk, your life is not complete. What can I say?

And then the following week is Necon, aka Camp Necon, which is a horror/fantasy convention which features four days of ghost stories and panels and movies and softball and Valuable Prizes and college food and miniature golf and staying up all night. It's sort of like a big family thing if your family were all horror writers and all liked you better than your family actually does. It's exhausting and wonderful all at the same time. It might even be better than Readercon (tho it's a close call.)

If you wander over to my links page, you'll find websites for both these cons. If you're ever in the Boston area this time of year, you should stop by one or both. They could change your life.

These cons are thatgood.

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