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Readercon in Review

Monday, July 10, 2006Well, another Readercon has happened, and from what I saw of it, it was a good one! We had a very nice BATTLESTAR GALACTICA panel, where I got to show off the arc (advanced reading copy) of my book, THE CYLONS' SECRET. Readercon only has a media-related panel once every few years (the last one was about BUFFY), so this speaks well for GALACTICA's standing in the "literary sf" world.

The Kirk Polland Memorial Bad Prose Competition was its usual big hit. If you haven't seen one of these, well, what can I say? You're missing one of the truly unique experiences in all of Fandom. And it's funny, too!

The nicest thing that happened at the con, tho, was running into Elizabeth Bear, a young sf/fantasy author whom I have not yet read (tho I will be correcting that situation shortly) who reminded me that we had met years ago at a series of conventions held at the University of Connecticut (in fabulous Storrs, CT, as I recall). I was their one regular attendee over the three years that they held these conventions, and they threatened to rename the event Craig Shaw Gardner Con! (Really!)

But Ms. Bear very nicely thanked me for all the advice and encouragement I had given her way back when, and said I was a big help getting her started in her career. Which -- writing being the lonely business that it is -- is one of the best things a writer can hear.

More on Readercon soon. And this Thursday, Necon! A writer's work is never done.

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Richard Duffy (, 7:57 PM | Story

Kirk Poland was indeed wonderful, yet again. But I must say, it was somewhat distressing to note how many attendees seemed unable to keep fully in mind the serious, educational nature (to quote you) of the event--there were shameless guffaws during recitations of actual published literature!

Anyhow Craig, thanks for your ongoing invaluable contribution to the success of this peculiar institution.  

Craig Shaw Gardner, 8:08 PM | Story

Well, you're quite welcome. Now, if I could only harness these bizarre skills for the good of humankind! Or, failing that, figure out how to make money from them.