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The Ultimate SF Workshop!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006This fall, Jeff Carver and I will be teaching a science fiction/fantasy/horror writing workshop at Pandemonium Books and Games in Central Square, Cambridge. As the flyer says, this course will be "taught by science fiction professionals to show you how to better write and sell your sf. fantasy and horror stories and novels!" Both Jeff and I have taught sf workshop courses in the past, and I, for one, found them extremely valuable as a new writer back in the day -- the day being the late 70s, when I took courses from Hal Clement, and then an intensive workshop taught by Samuel Delaney, Norman Spinrad and Carol Emshwiller. These courses really showed me (a) that I had the stuff to be a writer, and (b) just how much hard work it was both to write and to properly pursue publication.

Writing is a solitary business. You sit, you write, you try not to talk on the phone or surf the net or get lost in a hundred other distractions so you --can-- write. Having these workshops taught me how to focus and discipline myself so I could take the tools I already had and use them to become a professional. And this is what Jeff and I would like to do for another generation of sf writers.

If you're curious about the workshop, you can find all the details over at Go to their livejournal link and look up the entry for August 9, which reprints our Workshop flyer in its entirety.

Now, back to writing my own stuff!

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