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Boskone Looms

Wednesday, February 15, 2006Just a note to remind folks that I'll be at Boskone this weekend, down at the Sheraton in Back Bay. I'm on five different panels, the strangest of which appears to concern "food in fantastic fiction" (it's at lunch time on Saturday, of course) and the most interesting of which is a "Create Your Own Urban Legend" panel at 2 on Sunday (It's official title is "Urban Legend Smackdown.") I'm also on a "dream" panel (4 on Saturday), a "horror" panel (1 on Sunday) as well as participating with Jeff Carver in a "Novelizing Battlestar Galactica" talk, in which I may even give up a secret or two about my upcoming book! (That one is at 11 am on Sunday.)

Sounds like fun to me. Hope to see you there!

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Galactica is done and gone

Saturday, February 11, 2006So, if you're reading this blog, you probably already know that I do the occasional "media project." The next one out from Gardner Central will be the first original BATTLESTAR GALACTICA novel from TOR, due out this August. The title of this opus is THE CYLONS' SECRET, and it's a prequel to the events on the show, delving more deeply into the background of three of the show's regular characters.

Well, once you finish a media project, it has to clear the production people at the studio/comics company/gaming company. I've had to totally rewrite a project at the last minute (and over the course of a weekend!) But that's another story, and had to do with a copy-editor that thought he/she was a far better writer than yours truly (he/she wasn't). But mostly you get comments like "Batman would never use that language!" or "We can't do that because we're doing something else in season two."

With something as suspenseful and tightly written as GALACTICA, I was a bit worried that I'd step on some taboo that I didn't even realize existed. So I was pleasantly surprised when the folks from the show let me know they had only one small problem with the manuscript (it had to do with the Cylons, natch) which I was able to correct by changing one word! So the manuscript is finished. Done, I tell you! Wending its way through the publishing process.

So I guess they liked it. When it shows up in bookstores in a few months, I hope you guys like it too.

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