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Thursday, April 27, 2006OR "How Science Fiction Writers Can Predict the Future!"

Or maybe the past. Or the future past? This is all so confusing.

What prompts these musings in my blog, which seems of late to be concerning All Things Galactica, is the announcement of a spinoff series for BATTLESTAR GALACTICA on the part of the Sci-Fi channel. Said spinoff will be called "CAPRICA" -- and will take place 50 years prior to the current series. It's described as a "family saga" about two separate clans (The Adama family being one of the two) during the period when Cylons were first introduced to the colonies.

Now my original Galactica novel, called (as you no doubt recall) THE CYLON'S SECRET, is also a prequel to the current GALACTICA, altho the events in my book take place a mere twenty years before the current storyline, and feature three of the the major characters from said story. But now my prequel book will be -- in a sense -- a sequel to this new show! I feel like I'm trapped in one of those TWILIGHT ZONE time paradoxes!

But I'm also looking forward to the new show. I wonder if they'll have episodes ready to broadcast when the next GALACTICA season shows up (NOT UNTIL OCTOBER!) You know, sort of like those two STARGATE shows?

Until then, you'll just have to read my book (which doesn't come out until August, btw.) We all must have patience, waiting for both the future, and the past.

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No! Not the glowing eyes!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006When you're a genre writer, you soon learn you have no control over what they put on the cover.

I've been lucky. Most of my books have nifty covers (almost all of which may be seen on my web site, btw.) But the cover art is picked by art directors, publishers, editors, just about anybody but the author.

And now along comes the cover for my Battlestar Galactica novel, THE CYLON'S SECRET. You can see it over at Amazon. Eventually, we'll add it to my site as well. It's a nifty cover, really, a picture of Cylon Model Six -- with glowing eyes. That cover will sell a lot of books.

It's a pity the cover has very little to do with the actual book. But please don't blame me.

I only write the things.

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