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Happy New Stuff!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007Excuse me while I blow off some of the cobwebs around here.

I have to face it. I'm not a natural blogger. I have to be pulled kicking and screaming sometimes away from my "other" writing (you know, the stuff that pays money) to show up here and talk about just about anything (both a blessing and a curse, that.) But I'm going to try to be a bit better about stopping by here for the three people who regularly read my stuff.

Lord knows I've got stuff to talk about. My Writing Workshop starts up again in the near future. My giveaway contest was a resounding success. I'd really like to put some essays here about both writing and film. And I could even talk about my actual day-to-day writing, tho I think a bit of that can get boring quickly, so you'll only get glimpses.

Having a website and a blog are interesting experiences. I've actually had a couple folks pop up from my past, only to quickly disappear again. Still, it was nice of them to drop by and say "Hi!" And a lot of people have told me -- in person -- that they've enjoyed my site, so I can only imagine that a whole bunch of other people are dropping by. So "Hi!" back to you.

And if you're just visiting this blog and not looking at the rest of my site, I'd recommend you going over to take a look at The Big Whosis, which is getting ever more complex. We're now in our Outer Space Flashback sequence!

That's all for now. But more soon. Really! I promise!

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