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Wednesday, January 10, 2007So, apparently, that devilish Skott fellow (learn more about him at has tagged me, which means that I need to tell you five things about me that most people don't know!

So which five should they be?

1) My very first job was delivering papers in my suburban hometown outside Rochester NY, for which I would rise every day at 5:20 AM and trudge through the Rochester weather (often snow). By doing this and then entering an essay contest, I actually got a scholarship to a summer Journalism program at Syracuse University, an experience that convinced me I didn't want to be a newspaper reporter.

2) My very first pet was a mostly black cocker spaniel with one white patch. I named her "Spot." Hey, what do you want from a six-year-old?

3) In ninth grade, we were introduced to haikus, and I came up with one that predicted my future writing career:

"The gigantic dog
Leaps and bounds among the trees
And tears out my throat."

Really chokes you up, doesn't it?

4) Early on in my writing career, I wrote a sword and sorcery story that I managed to sell three times, all to markets that died before they could publish the story (including one of the many rebirths of WEIRD TALES). Realizing that I was being punished by the gods, I retired the story, and it has never again seen the light of day.

5) I have attended every single Necon and Readercon ever held, including the one time they were both scheduled on the same weekend! I believe I'm the only person to actually accomplish this remarkable achievement.

That's my five. Now, I think I'm supposed to tag five more folks, but instead, I'll tag ONE person who is five times less likely to write in his blog -- Christopher Golden!

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amysue, 10:22 PM | Story

I don't think I knew any of those things. I feel betrayed somehow. Oh wait, I'm being me-centric again. This is your blog. The world will revolve around you.

BTW, love the haiku. It needs to be a t0shirt!