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I want to live without this in my head!

Monday, April 09, 2007The jingle workers are at it again.

All morning, I've been singing "I want to live on the Edge!" spontaneously, involuntarily, hopelessly. Everyone reading this will no doubt recognize these words as the catch phrase from a newish car commercial where hip young people drive their hip cool car over impossible, CGI-produced images. It is a car that, thanks to said commercial, I will never ever look at, much less drive. It's bad enough when you get, say, "Build Me Up, Buttercup," stuck on repeat play in your brain. But a car commercial? Feh!

Excuse me while I put something -- anything -- on the CD player.

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Blogger amysue, 8:56 PM | Story

"She ran calling Wildfire..."  

Anonymous Sophie, 10:01 PM | Story

How about Delia's Gone? Been stuck in my head for the past week. Not the most work appropriate song either.