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The New Coke returns -- as coffee

Thursday, April 24, 2008So, I don't drink coffee. Never liked the taste.

My wife, however, the lovely and talented Barbara, is a coffee fanatic -- and a regular customer at Starbucks. Although that might be changing.

Starbucks, which used to rotate its most popular coffees as "daily specials" has now instituted a single new coffee as its everyday blend, a blend that (so I've heard) is supposed to appeal to those who drink that other popular coffee over at Dunkin' Donuts. Late in the day, this new blend is the only option available at Starbucks. And my wife thinks it really stinks.

I was immediately reminded of the New Coke -- the revised soft drink forced upon an unsuspecting public when some dim bulb at Coca Cola corporate decided that they could better compete with Pepsi by making Coke more like Pepsi (in this case, sweeter) completely ignoring the loyal customer base that had given plain old Coke its successful century-long run. New Coke was a dismal failure, and I imagine this new run by Starbucks -- where they force a new product down the throats of their customer base -- will also end in tears.

But hey -- maybe this will be a boost for independent coffee stores. You can always find that silver lining!

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